Our housing counselors have helped thousands of Central Ohio families learn what it takes to buy - and keep - a home ... through our

  • homebuyer education workshops.
  • one-on-one budget and credit counseling sessions.
  • foreclosure prevention counseling.

Attendance at HOTH-CDC education sessions is free, but there may be charges for items such as credit reports.

Homes on the Hill is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Our housing counselors have helped thousands.


Homebuyer Education Workshop

This workshop is available to any Ohio resident. Learn the homebuying process, which provides 8 hours of homebuyer education and training, conducted by a housing counselor and industry professionals. By completing a workshop and getting individual counseling, many of our clients become eligible for down payment assistance toward the purchase of their first home. Some of the topics are:

  • Applying for a mortgage loan
  • Down-payment assistance
  • Minimum credit score requirements
  • Interest rates
  • Budgeting and credit
  • Role of the Realtor®
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Hiring an inspector

Check the Calendar of Events for scheduling.


Green Overlay

Homes on the Hill has been facilitating the Central Hilltop Green Overlay project, a strategic community-based design process to discern the best use for City of Columbus post-demolished lots. Monthly meetings are held with the community at large to create a plan for these properties. Community meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:30p. For information, contact Katelyn Jackson, 614-275-4663 x108.

Check the Calendar of Events for scheduling.


Budget and Credit Counseling

These one-on-one sessions are available to any Ohio resident. A housing counselor will teach you how to read your credit report, develop a relationship with a bank, develop a household budget, and create an action plan to improve your credit store and establish savings. Call 614-275-4663, ext. 101, to make an appointment. Before your first visit, download, print, and fill out the information packet and bring it with you. See the links in the upper right-hand panel of this page.

Financial Capabilities

Do you want to manage your finances better? Because HOTH-CDC believes everyone can benefit from smart money habits, we are offering free financial capability workshops. These sessions will give you a good understanding about where you stand financially, plus simple hands-on ways to make measureable progress toward your financial goals.  Our Housing and Community Development Specialist will be your Finance Mentor Coach, providing you with free general financial guidance and help you create a free Financial Action Plan.  Develop smart money habits today with budgeting and setting goals, taking charge of your credit, and developing savings.


Did you know Homes on the Hill has homes for sale?
Here are guidelines about purchasing one of these homes ...

Our homes are available to households that earn up to 80%-120% of the Area Median Income (AMI), depending on which house you choose. To see if you meet the guidelines, follow these steps. Download the complete income guidelines.

  1. Determine your household size.
  2. Match your household size with the AMI requirement. If your gross annual household income is equal to or less than that amount, you meet the guidelines. Here's an example ... a family of 3 can earn up to $75,600 and still qualify to purchase a home with 120% AMI reimbursement.
  3. Talk with us. Find out about down payment assistance, arrange for a showing, and learn how we can reduce the purchase price by as much as $15,000.
1 $39,200 $58,800
2 $44,800 $67,200
3 $50,400 $75,600
4 $56,000 $84,000
5 $60,500 $90,700
6 $65,000 $97,450
7 $69,450 $104,150
8 $73,950 $110,900


Homes for Sale

Homes on the Hill has notable experience in acquiring, rehabbing, and selling property, usually to first-time homebuyers. We have developed more than 100 single-family homes, and we take pride in the extra attention we give to each home's interior. Learn more about HOTH-CDC's available properties. Before your first visit, download, print, and fill out the Homebuyers' Resources and bring them with you. See the links to the left of this section.


Want more information?

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